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Revil Stables >> Facilities

Revil Stables has some of the best equipment in the Limpopo Province, and Rene prides herself in the condition of here arenas, stables and equipment.

Revil StablesFacilities at Revil Stables include, 63 well lit newly built guest stables which are all available to visitors at reasonable fees that include bedding.

A paved and well drained center walkway, together with the simple but effective design ensures the safety and comfort of your prize show jumping horse.

Catering will be available at every show jumping event held.

A cash bar will also be available after 12:00.

Click here to be taken to the Revil Stables Events Page, where all upcomming events are listed.

Revil StablesThe facilities at Revil Stables provide the ultimate venue for show jumping, big and small, graded and training shows.

Equipment at Revil Stables includes many roled pole, as well as boxed and brush sponsor jumps with signage from some of our great sponsors.

Advertising can easily be placed on the jumping equipment.


The Main Arena is faced by an indoor judges box complete with sound system for playing music and announcements during events, clean and tidy his and hers bathroom facilities are available right next to the arena.

The main arena is also surrounded with shade nets and VIP boxes for the comfort of our guests.

Revil Stables
Revil Stables
Revil Stables has a main jumping arena (48m x 85m), covered with the new and improved fibre arena done by Peter Morrison.

A second slightly smaller sand arena (33m x 66m) is also available and can be used during events as a warm up arena.

Revil stables also boasts a number of paddocks and a lunging ring.
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